April 13, 2024

Milk is essential for a newborn baby, especially a mother’s milk. If the option is not there, the doctor will prescribe supplements. But in a few cases, it has been seen the mother can produce milk, but it is not of enough quantity, and they can’t breastfeed their kids for a longer period. So few home remedies can help produce milk so a baby can get enough nutrition rather than formula milk.

What Are The Ways?

Fenugreek seeds are the most important herbs to increase breastmilk (สมุนไพร เพิ่มน้ำนม, which is the term in Thai) which contains phytoestrogens that will help to increase the breast milk. It can be consumed in a capsule or taken 1-6 grams daily for effective results.

Next is ginger, which is always available in our kitchen to add extra flavor to our food. Similarly, it will help to improve blood circulation, which will help to enhance milk. So it can be consumed by mixing it in hot water or chewing it raw.

Turmeric, coriander seeds, and fennels are also useful; these things not only help produce milk but also cleanse our body from the inside and increase our immunity, which will help us keep active and strong. But try to avoid turmeric if you have stomach problems or ulcers. All of the above things must be taken in a minimal amount.

Garlic, banana, and pumpkin are also most effective in developing the child’s blood, bones and eyes inside the womb. As papaya helps control postpartum weight and improves digestion during or after pregnancy.

Not all herbs need to suit you; you must be allergic to a few herbs. So it’s better to consult a doctor and consume the herbs which are correct for you.

What Are The Other Factors?

Now if you are too allergic to herbs, you must consult a doctor for supplements as a medicine, but they will also check your reaction after consuming it. Before taking the supplements, please make sure a doctor prescribes them, and they are FDA-approved. Side effects exist; too much consumption of these herbs can disrupt your stomach, or you may feel nauseating. So a correct proportion is required.


If you can give your baby proper milk, you don’t need to consume herbs to increase breastmilk. These herbs are specially for those who produce insufficient milk. Herbs are the natural procedure; if it’s not working, formula milk is the only option for them to get all vitamins, protein, and minerals. Few mothers feel skeptical about eating herbs during pregnancy, but they can start after giving childbirth.

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