July 24, 2024

Proper care for the skin is needed every day as it is a susceptible part of the body. Too much exposure to the sun without a layer of sunscreen can cause too much damage to the skin. It has been noticed that women are worried about their blemishes or pigmented face and dark spots; it is only because they don’t take proper care and so gather aging spots very quickly.

How Can We Get Rid Of That?

Maintaining a proper skincare routine or too much exposure to dirt and skin can lead to spots that are hard to remove by using any skin care products, so laser treatment is necessary at that time. There are many, but today we will discuss what is Pico Laser (pico laser คือ, which is the term in Thai) treatment.

What Is The Treatment All About?

This treatment mainly concerns skin problems like anti-aging spots, freckles, blemishes, pigmentation, white spots, etc including specialised attention to facial treatment for anti-aging purposes. So you need to book an appointment with an experienced cosmetologist.  The clinic will ask you to run a few tests to see whether you are allergic to anything. Later the treatment will be done through a few sittings, and also, the patients need to apply the lotion that the doctor prescribed. This kind of treatment is expensive, so you need to follow specific guidelines set by the doctor. Most importantly, after the treatment, you must take proper skin care.

Is The Treatment Cost Too High?

The equipment and process applied for the treatment is not time-consuming as it is advanced. We always need to consult an experienced doctor to make this treatment smooth and enjoyable. If you are looking for a cheap laser treatment, you must prepare yourself to face the consequences, which can damage your skin thoroughly. As mentioned before, the skin is a sensitive part of the body.


If you are looking for a laser treatment to remove your facial problems, try to contact the best doctors for that without thinking about the money, as these treatments are a bit pricey. Do a little research on what you need to follow after the treatment and know a few things about your surgeon, such as how many of his patients got the best results and which clinic is best for this. If you have a history of any skin treatment, try to mention that to them. Treating from the best clinic will help you solve all your skin problems.

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