April 13, 2024

How is it possible that a person at 78 years old can recall all the memories of his twenties and others have forgotten their child’s name also? Some evidence suggests that brain function and the alternation of the brain structure are tied intimately and it has a significant effect on the alternation of the cognitive function.

In the case of older adults, memory lapses are a common thing with their aging.

In this article, you will get to know about cognitive decline with aging and the overall cognitive functions of the brain.

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Variability of individuals in cognitive function:

The rapid onset of cognitive decline and the extent to which this occurs varies among individuals. Cognitive decline as well as cognitive functions of the brain are not uniform among people.

Some evidence also suggests that a 70-year-old person has a strong memory than a 60 years old person. It may also happen that one person has impaired executive control, but have excellent episodic memory.

This inter-individual variability occurs due to the. Physiological, environmental, biological, and health-related lifestyle mechanisms and factors.

Symptoms of Cognitive Decline with aging:

  • The perceptual speed will be declined.
  • Numerical ability will be decreased.
  • Spatial orientation will be diminished.
  • Problem-solving ability will be slowed down.
  • Verbal memory loss will happen.
  • Few verbal abilities will be changed.

Tips to deal with cognitive decline:

  • Always involve in activities that will help your mind and body.
  • A daily routine must be followed.
  • You can Start learning new skills.
  • Try to keep your keys, purse, glass, and watches in the same place every day.
  • Take proper sleep of about 8 to 10 hours every night.
  • Eat well and do proper exercise.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Your high blood pressure should be kept in control.
  • In case you are feeling that you are depressed for a week, then take help from other people.
  • Play the role of a volunteer at school, in worship places, or your community.
  • Make your To Do List plan your daily tasks and use calendars and notes as your daily reminders.
  • Give more time to your family and friends.

Mild cognitive impairment:

This type of mild cognitive impairment, or MCI, has been found in some older adults. In this condition, they have excellent memory rather than other people of their ages. These people can do their normal activities very well and also can take care of themselves.

Symptoms of MCI:

  • They lost their things very often.
  • Sometimes they forgot to go to appointments or important events.
  • For desired words, they have more trouble than other people of the same age.

Dementia and aging:

Dementia is not considered a normal part of aging. The symptoms of dementia include cognitive function losses like remembering, thinking, learning, reasoning, and other behavioral abilities. In this situation, the quality of a person’s life and activity are mainly affected.

People also have found many problems with their visual perception and language skills, paying attention. Also, you can find some personality changes in them.


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