May 22, 2024

Do you want to build your muscle in very less time? Don’t worry. Here is the solution for you. Now you can do the most efficient exercises in very less time and build your muscle.

For weight training time under tensions workout will help you a lot because in this principle your muscles will be kept under constant strain for more than 45 minutes. With this high-intensity training, you will get better results while spending less time in the gym on workouts.

A pair of dumbbells and your body weight is enough to build your muscle. You can combine this principle with a proper diet for even better results. In this blog, you will learn the different types of most efficient exercises to stimulate your muscle growth.

Most effective exercises for building muscle:

  • Squats:

This is the most efficient exercise for building muscle and strength. You must do deep squats to work out. In a squat rack, a barbell is required to perform squats. This exercise will stress most of the parts of your upper body along with building massive legs.

This will destroy your entire body just like a hormonal nuclear bomb and with every rep, your body will become stronger and bigger.

  • Dips:

These are known as upper body squats. With this exercise, your triceps, chest, and shoulders will become very hard and if you want to build a beefy upper body then this is a very good exercise for you.

Use a parallel bar dipping station to perform dips. This is a very good workout for building your muscle within very less time.

  • Overhead Press:

You can perform Overhead Press with different kinds of quality variation. You can consider both standing and seated dumbbells along with a barbell overhead press to build your muscle faster.

You can also choose ‘Behind the neck overhead press’ as well as ‘Arnold Dumbbell presses’. Standing push press is also a very popular exercise which you can consider.

  • Bench Press:

This upper body staple exercise can also be very effective if you want to stimulate your muscle within a very short time. Different variations of these exercises are highly effective which include incline dumbbell bench press, flat bench dumbbell bench press, flat bench barbell press, and incline bench barbell press.

For most of the top pro bodybuilders, the incline bench press is the first choice.

  • Deadlifts:

This is the second most effective exercise to stimulate your muscles. This exercise will help you to gain slabs of muscle and is referred to as a man maker. With this exercise, you will become stronger like a bear. Deadlifts require only barbells to perform.

  • Pull Ups:

Doing more than a few pull-ups is a very tough thing for many strongest fit lifters also. If you want to build your biceps and back then this is a very excellent exercise. Instead of other less efficient exercises like Lat pull downs, you can perform this for a better result.

  • Rows:

As an upper back exercise both barbell and dumbbell rows exercises are very helpful. You can also consider barbell T-bar rows of the old school. In case of having a weak lower back, you can choose Dumbbell row.

As because heavy rows are required for this back-building workout so you can choose seated cable rows instead of cable and machine lifts because they are most challenging and effective in muscle building.


Above mentioned workouts consist of various sets and exercises. So, don’t waste your time doing workouts for long hours in the gym. Consider the most effective Time Under Tensions workout to gain strength and muscle at a faster rate.

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