July 24, 2024

Abdominoplasty surgery or tummy tuck is a plastic surgery that helps in getting rid of the extra skin and fat around the abdominal area. This procedure helps in tightening the abdominal wall with proper belly button lift.

Typically, people who have undergone extreme weight loss or have a hanging tummy after pregnancy undergo this procedure to restore the elasticity of the skin.

While your healthcare provider might offer all the information about the procedure to you, there are many things that you need to gain information on your own. In this blog, we will try to discuss that unspoken information about tummy tuck surgery to help you recover successfully from the procedure.

1- It may take longer than you think to recover

It is important to note that abdominoplasty surgery is major surgery. You might require more than two weeks to go out and about doing your daily chores.

If possible, plan to take a minimum of 2 weeks off from work. If you can take a few weeks extra – better for you!

It can take one to two weeks for you to walk upright again and about six weeks to perform your daily activities.

2- You can experience significant swelling

While your surgeon will warn you about swelling, it is just an understatement. The swelling can last for days and even weeks. What’s worse? This swelling can be different every day. And let’s not forget about the pain that you might feel after the surgery.

It is possible for the swelling to visibly last for up to three months. And with liposuction, the hard spots can be felt for even longer.

3- You may not fit in some clothes for a while

If you are thinking of jumping back into your skinny jeans just after the surgery the, get ready to feel disappointed.

As mentioned, the swelling will last for a few weeks. Until then, it is best to stick with loose and comfortable clothes made out of breathable fabrics.

4- Avoid measuring yourself for the first few weeks

In the first month, your body will be filled with excess fluid. This means you will likely notice a little weight gain.

Also, avoid comparing yourself with the before and after pictures of tummy tuck surgeries because the “after” pictures are typically taken months after the surgery. 

And since water is heavy compared to fat, you will feel and weigh heavier, irrespective of how much fat or skin has been removed from your body.

5- Get ready to rely on pain medication

Your surgeon will definitely prescribe you a few pain medications to help ease the discomfort during the first few days of the recovery period. Even constipation can be a huge issue post-operation.

Ensure to take appropriate laxatives a day after the surgery to recover from the misery.

6- Let people take care of you

We all want to be a superwoman, but it doesn’t work when you have stitches running down your abdomen.

It is best to seek help from relatives and friends. Let others take care of you for a while so you can jump back to being a superwoman with a toned body.


Wrapping up

Your abdominoplasty surgery will surely offer incredible results if you follow all the steps suggested by the surgeon to take after the surgery.

However, a little extra information never hurts anyone. In fact, legit information, like those we mentioned above, can help you overcome the intimidation that comes post-surgery.

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