June 24, 2024

Alcohol consumption is increasing rapidly all over the world. The pleasurable consumption is welcomed. But some people become addictive. The young generation, especially college goers, are becoming dependent on alcohol more often. As they are too young to decide what is good and what is bad, some youngsters become addicted to alcohol. Any sort of addiction is harmful to health, body, and mind. The addiction never starts in a single day. It increases slowly. At the very beginning, people consume in a very little quantity. Then they become dependent gradually. As time moves, people get to understand that their bodies are not doing well and they have to stop drinking alcohol. It sounds easy but it is not.


Quitting alcohol can show various symptoms which can be serious or mild both depending on the amount and frequency of the alcohol consumption.  Let’s know what are the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. The sudden withdrawal may show some side effects such as numbness in the body, shivering, sweating, vomiting, nausea, irritability, loss of appetite, etc. These patients need earliest medical attention for recovery. The recovery process should start with a rehabilitation center. Doctors will prescribe various medications, but without the detox process no medication will work.

The Process

Detox process is much crucial as it depends upon person to person. There is no such duration of detox process as it depends upon individuals. It seems very difficult to stop alcohol consumption as the body is quite habituated with substance. Licensed medical staffs are required for this process. Patients may suffer insomnia, delirium tremor, and vomiting in this process.

After the Process

After detoxification mood swings, fatigue may continue among patients. Most importantly, patients need to have emotional and social support with detox system in a rehabilitation center simultaneously, so that they can return to the main stream of life at the earliest.

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