June 24, 2024

Deciding to have plastic surgery is not one that should be taken lightly. Thousands of reputable plastic surgeons have created life-changing transformations for patients. Unfottantkey, as much as there have been amazing transformations there have also been a handful of botched jobs. These are not typical surgeries that have been completed by a fully qualified and checked-out surgeon and instead have been a result of poor quality work performed by a surgeon who is not even qualified. Knowing what red flags to look out for when finding a plastic surgeon can save you from disaster.

Take a look at the following suggestions of the red flags to look out for when choosing a plastic surgeon:

If their prices are too low 

This might be obvious, but you should avoid having surgery done by a surgeon if they are putting their prices down extremely low. We all love a great bargain, but when it comes to plastic surgery you should not be looking for the cheapest price possible. Low price equals low quality, and you should not be putting your health at risk just to save yourself money. Even if this means you have to save up money for a while longer, it will be more valuable. The prices will be low for a reason, meaning they are using cheap materials and cheap labour to perform invasive surgeries.

If they are based overseas 

This may be a controversial point, however, you should avoid travelling overseas for plastic surgery. First of all, you will not be entitled to the same health care options as the civilians of the country, unless you pay a large sum for health coverage. A lot of people have flown overseas for plastic surgeries because they are cheaper, but as mentioned this should be avoided. Have your surgery in the country and city where you are based, whether you are looking for rhinoplasty in Manchester or somewhere else in the world, stay local and stay safe.

No clear credentials

Your reputation is everything, if your plastic surgeon does not have any clear credentials of their experience and also qualifications, they should be avoided at all costs. This should be displayed on their website, or available on request for anyone that asks to see them. If they do not have the correct registrations and qualifications, avoid them.

No before and after photos

Most quality and professional plastic surgeons would be able to offer before and after photos of each surgery. They are great resources to have an idea of what their work looks like, and what to expect from your surgery. Check their website, or ask in the office what photos they can offer. They should have approved photos of breast augmentation in Manchester, or any surgery you are looking for.

Bottom line 

Overall, you need to be extremely careful when choosing a plastic surgeon. Take care to check their credentials, look at their images for evidence, and avoid looking for cheap options.

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