June 24, 2024


Mental health is one of the most important aspects of every human life. Besides exercising physically, it is also important that people do various kinds of mental exercise like playing chess and other card or board games to enhance the thinking capacity. There are many people, and especially kids who suffer from ADHD and Autism. Both of them are distinct, but the core symptoms are hyperactivity, attention deficit, and impulsivity. These days many research have suggested that, people and children suffering from ADHD and Autism, can improve their mental health by playing various kinds of games, especially those that can help their mind to be glued at one place or spot, like playing.

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Solitaire Card Games & Other Games

One of the best ways in which you can keep the mind of such people (those suffering from ADHD and Autism) busy, or equipped with is to play card games with Positive Peers Learning Software. Card games are one such game, that makes the mind to think and act (play) the game, or make a move. So, this game has been found to be helpful. But in order to make the children as well as those adults suffering from ADHD and Autism, sit and play, you will also have to contribute your time successfully. If they found that, you are showing signs of boredom or others, then they may feel like or they may quit the game.

Positive Peers Learning Software Partners, an education technology company are  the creators of the innovative emoji, Solitaire card game and brain game app “Solitaire Emotions Emoji 2024,” firmly believe in the affirmative and point to recent studies from the Pew Research Center, the National Institute of Health and the Responsible Innovation for Technology for Children (RITEC) Project.

Active Participation 

In order to make them sit and play the game consistently, it is important that you show active participation. Besides all of that, there should be constant words of encouragement that you put in their ears and words like. ‘Think and play’ and etc., which provokes them to think. Consistency or making them sit consistently and play is possible, but 90% you have to give your attention (complete attention) and give them advice and encourage them. It has also been found that, constant positive words of encouragement help or makes the other person act & reciprocate or respond better. Therefore, it is important that you show participation.


Besides all of that, playing with emoji’s can also be helpful for those people suffering from Autism and ADHD, because somewhere they can relate themselves to it and express themselves in a better manner. So, even if they express using some emoji, don’t discourage them, encourage them to express more, which they cannot express in words. Reciprocate their emotions and they will have better mental capacity or enhanced thinking ability. When they know that their emotions have been reciprocated, then it will force them to take the next step, act and think what to do next.


Hyperactivity, Lack of Attention & Impulsivity Behaviour can be controlled in people suffering from Autism and ADHD, with the help of emoji & card games and other kinds of board games, which makes the person suffering from, to think and act. It increases their cognitive abilities, and mental capacities and also, along with that your constant and active participation is must with encouraging words. Also, remember one thing, that these people or kind of people are highly sensitive and if they see the slightest change in your behaviour or boredom or frustration on your face or expression, they might quickly adapt or change and then they will get back to the same behaviour or change. So, handle such people kindly, especially when they don’t show improvement initially or at the initial stage.

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