July 24, 2024

Who doesn’t love to look perfect? And right now, with the help of surgery, many ways are available to get your desired look. Chin Augmentation is very high in demand nowadays. By which you can perfectly shape your chin and get rid of all your flaws. So, here are the details your shoulder knows before doing chin surgery (ทำ คาง, which is the term in Thai).

Types Of Chin Augmentation?

There are two types of augmentation available, filler injection and silicone. Though filler injections have gained so much popularity, the result of this is temporary. It may sustain from a few months to a year and can lead to many side effects.

In the case of silicone augmentation, it is one-time trouble only. And then the perfect look stays for year and year. Also, unlike the filler, silicone chin augmentation covers a big space of your face and won’t cause any infection later on.

Which Silicone Chin Augmentation Is Better For Your Face Proportion?

There are two types of silicone used in chin surgery, short leg chin augmentation and long leg chin augmentation.

The short leg chin augmentation is suitable for people with slender faces or those who already have a small chin and want to enhance their look.

Patients with large jaws, chin cuts, and massive cheeks can try long chin augmentation. It will give a better shape to their face and make it look slimmer.

How To Take Care Of Your Chin After Surgery?

After surgery, taking care of your chin is crucial as it ensures that the area heals perfectly and fast. So, here are a few measures you should consider to take care of yourself after surgery.

  • Apply cold compress immediately after surgery. It will show the blood flow, thus reducing swelling.
  • After 3-4 days of cold compress, try hot compress as it will help your wounds heal faster.
  • Gently clean your wounds regularly. That will help you avoid any bacterial build-up.
  • Take your medications daily; pain relief medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs etc., are essential. The treatments will help your wounds dry up sooner.
  • Eat soft and avoid spicy food or any seafood.
  • Strictly stay away from smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages for at least 2-3 weeks after surgery.


Chin surgery is the perfect way to get the look you always wanted. Also, you can choose your look by consulting with your dermatologist.

After surgery, your doctor will help you and show you how to care for your wounds. If still, you face any issues, just contact your doctor without any delay.

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