July 24, 2024

Belly fat is the most common thing these days, and it is mostly caused due to sitting for a prolonged period or feeling reluctant to do exercises. Due to this belly fat, we mostly can’t wear tight t-shirts or jeans as the belly looks funny. Most of us are concerned about how to reduce belly (วิธีลดพุง, which is the term in Thai) fat quickly within a few days. So there are various steps to work on it.

Causes Of Belly Fat

·       Diet

So diet must be proper; too much sugar intake or eating junk food can affect your body as it accumulates fat. Too much consumption of drinks, crackers, wafers, and candies will deteriorate your health.

·       Lack Of Exercises

If you intake too much sugar and fat, you also need to drain out those through proper exercises so that the body does not get hampered. Activities also keep your body flexible and fit.

·       Stree

There is a steroid hormone that releases cortisol. When you are too stressed, you mostly go for sugary items like chocolate or candies or eat junk food. Sue to which, cortisol gets stored in the belly and turns it around, creating fat.

·       Too Much Alcohol

As we all know, too much consumption of alcohol is addictive and affects the kidney or heart. It must be limited; otherwise, your belly will look fat. People who are happy or stressed out mainly choose alcohol to ease their minds or celebrate.

Now it’s not that due to the above reason, only belly fat happens. Still, pregnancy or some hormonal imbalances can also cause belly fat, which can only be stopped by maintaining a proper diet and working out. If you get paranoid while thinking about reducing belly fat, no medicine or surgery can cure it. There are only a few exercises you need to follow.

  • Plankk
  • Crunches
  • Sit-Ups
  • Mountain Climber
  • Leg Raises

Now if you are a beginner, it’s better to take a trainer’s guidance, as he can only guide you through the exercises on the basis of your symptoms. Rigorous practice is needed as fats need to burn. Try to fix a time for your yoga or gym for quite a few months; after that, visible results can be seen. Most importantly, once the fat is reduced, try to maintain the diet and exercise; otherwise, it will reappear.

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