June 24, 2024

The most beautiful part of our face is our eyes. Korean style double eyelids (ตา สอง ชั้น เกาหลี, which is a term in Thai) are the most stunning form of an eyelid. Many women spend a lot of money to perform surgery to get the look. An arc shape for the eyelids is the style that makes double eyelids look beautiful.

New Ways Of Styled Eyelids

Sparkling eyes with the correct shape is the desire of everyone. There are products and inner happiness that can bring sparkle to your eyes. But when it comes to shape and style, there are other ways. A natural look is now possible with double eyelid surgery.

Surgery is the new way of shaping and styling eyelids. When inspired by a Korean model or superstar, one can consider surgery. The safe ways of keeping the eye in shape are now in different types of surgeries. Techniques that are common for such surgeries are:

  • Blepharoplasty Technique
  • Laser
  • Epicanthoplasty
  • Sunken Eye Correction

Anyone can get Korean style double eyelids with the help of such surgeries and operations. Women that do not want surgical affairs can always opt for lasers and be carefree about any scares. People with thick, thin, or tiny eyelids can perform these techniques.

Which Technique Is Best For You?

Every technique has its advantage and disadvantages. Not every surgery reacts similarly to eyelids as many surgeries leave marks while many dont. So, one needs to be clear about the details of the surgery before choosing one. The recovery after the surgery is also different from person to person.

For instance, the minimal-incision technique might leave swollen eyelids and will call for fat from other body parts. The laser technique uses plasma to shape eyelids. A laser is not counted under surgery as there are limitations to it. Not everyone can bear three holes that happen in suture surgery.

So, one should choose the least painful technique. Getting a pointed eye end is a different style that one can get through such surgeries. Excess pain is never a treat one can get their favorite shape with other modern techniques. Getting a Japanese, Korean, sweet, or any style is now possible without pain.

As Korean style double eyelids are the most famous ones, one can study the surgeries, eye-opening techniques, and many more. One chooses the surgery based on their natural eye shape and finds solutions.

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