July 24, 2024

Those who lose their tooth in a car accident, while playing a sport, or due to a severe injury and dental disease usually do not feel confident to smile or even talk in public. Long ago, people with lost teeth had to chew or speak with difficulties. Nowadays, various tooth replacement options help people continue their life with new, healthy teeth and a glorious smile. A dental implant is one of the most common methods for missed teeth. This cosmetic dental method is advanced and applied to many people. Based on an experienced dental specialist providing dental implant treatment in Vaughan, this tooth replacement method is considered the best replacement option compared to dental bridges or dentures. If you want to learn more about this cosmetic dental process, keep reading this article. First, we will briefly introduce dental implants, and then we will look at the advantages of this method over other tooth replacement methods. In the end, we will look at the possible challenges and disadvantages of dental implants.

What Is This Method?

Generally speaking, this is a metal made of titanium that is compatible with the jaw bone and is actually a substitute for dental roots, which can regenerate teeth in the jaw. A dental implant can reconstruct one or more teeth or the entire jaw, which prevents the destruction of the jaw bone, unlike veneers or other false teeth.

Advantages of This Cosmetic Dental Method

Its Appearance and Function 

The first and most significant advantage of this cosmetic procedure is that it is highly similar to natural teeth both in use and in appearance. To the extent that even the patient himself cannot distinguish much from his natural teeth.

Its Long Life

A dental bridge (which is another method for tooth replacement) may last about ten years, while dental implants can last a lifetime. As mentioned, the base material of this dental process is made of titanium and integrates with the jaw bone; and is fully compatible with the body, and you can use them for the rest of your life.

Restores Natural Speech

Losing a tooth can also affect the form of your speech, and in most cases, a removable denture does not completely restore our speech to its original state. But the dental implant, which is most similar to natural teeth, can bring us back the correct way of saying words.

It Keeps the Adjacent Teeth Fixed

A missing tooth gap can cause the adjacent teeth to move towards the gap. This puts the teeth out of alignment and can affect the bite, chewing ability, and appearance of the teeth. This interference can make it difficult to replace teeth and, in some cases, cause pain.

Infection and Decay

Dentures still need to be cared for to prevent bacteria from building up in the mouth and causing infection, but this problem does not happen for the material dental implants are made of. You will never have to worry about dental cavities in your implanted tooth!

What Are the Challenges?

This cosmetic dental method is pretty costly. Of course, considering the positive points mentioned above, it is worth spending money on.

When you go for a dental implant, you should know that you will undergo a kind of dental surgery.

For people with insufficient bone density, it is necessary to perform a bone grafting on them before having an implanted tooth.

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