Welcome to SunflowerTeeth.com. The home page of UK artist Katie Ness.
Katie Ness is a community artist with extensive knowledge in Mental Health Care and creative therapies. She enjoys exploring the healing process of collage, art journalling, expressive movement, yoga & meditation within her workshops. Her own work is like a sunflower, vibrant yet “Crooked” with abundant, magical imperfections residing in a dark, earthy centre.

Mychael Danna: “Mesmerizing. love it!”

Sarah Kay: “Beautiful, Katie!”

Joan Jonas :”What you are thinking about is really interesting.”

Moria Chappell: “The goddess has spoke and she wants YOU to build her a vision!”

Kathy Eldon: “I’m truly in awe of what you have created!”

Patch Adams: “I am so proud of you, you broke the social mould of ‘Robotic, Couch Potato’ I love your art and approach to life, people need to see your greatness!”

Moses Chundi: “What a great mind!”

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