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  1. 22 May 14, 3:48pm

    Katie recently danced at my Medicine Music Festival in Glastonbury, WOW. The crowd was thrilled (as was I) to see her magical dancing, she is sensual and mischievous with her movements. Loved it Katie. You are a welcome to dance at any of my shows, just love your energy

    Rob xXx

  2. John
    19 December 13, 1:39pm

    Hi Katie –
    I know when I see that you have uploaded something to YouTube, it is very well and tasteful done.
    A true talent in the world of belly dancers

  3. Waleed Abdallah
    15 August 13, 5:49pm

    I met Katie last year, in the preparation of the World at you feet performance.
    Katie is a true artist with amazing personality. I have seen some of her fine art work and I liked her fantastic oriental dancing which I subscribed to and became one of the followers.
    She is one of the most dedicated artists in Plymouth, I believe Katie will achieve a good success brilliant future.
    I wish her well, and a very good luck…

  4. Tommy
    07 August 13, 9:47pm

    KATIE!!! I commend you on “totally different” type of website!! It’s a perfect combination of letting viewers get to know you, while staying mysterious!! You’re quite the multi-dimensional, talented artist who has that “it” that’s makes viewers want to see what you’ll come up with next! I absolutely enjoyed my visit, and will be back time-and-again!!!


  5. 06 August 13, 11:49am

    It was a pleasure to browse through your website. You are a very inspiring dancer and I feel honored that you use Shiva In Exile for your own artistic fulfillment. It adds to the mystic depths of the project! Good luck with your future projects, I know there will be a many to come. ^^

  6. mikiyo joyce
    24 July 13, 11:27pm

    What a unique and heart -warming HP you got.. !? It is so much fun flicking and seeing your interesting bits of this and bits of that, this is like a sweets box full of little arts. 🙂

    Among these wonderful mixture of your art form, I specially interested in your belly dance performance. I have first time seen you in MBS festival in London which is very original and beautiful, hoping to see you again soon. 1

  7. Aanisah Sharif
    02 May 13, 1:59pm

    I have known Katie ever since high school. Her artwork just keeps getting better n better with each passing year. She is a wonderful artist and unique! I have never seen anything like this before and I know in the future she will be well known for what she does including her bellydancing which is out of this world!

  8. 19 April 13, 6:46pm

    Katie Ness was a great addition to Art8’s 2013 programme of events. Katie’s belly dancing performance as part of the Getting Newquay Dancing event was really creative and inspiring for the audience of both young dancers and parents and arts enthusiasts. It brought something really different to Newquay and was performed to perfection. Come to Newquay again!

  9. 01 September 12, 2:15pm


    Katie was a fantastic addition to this years Hot Air Balloon Festival and we wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to future events to perform. A great artists to work with and the crowd flocked to see both her performances! Regards, TBF2012

  10. 06 December 11, 5:25pm

    A Fantastic website, really interesting pieces and fascinating works. The variety of mediums you’ve used also shows your diverse range of skill within the artistic world. All I can say is, Nicely Done!

  11. 01 October 11, 4:50pm

    Very nice, i love it from the photos, to the drawings to everything, what such great creativity

  12. Nicola Hardman
    12 September 11, 9:44pm

    Both as one of my dearest friends and artistic colleague Katie Ness is truly an inspiration. Her passion for creating art is huge and has existed through good and bad times in her life, her work always reflecting her experiences and thoughts. She is a great interdisciplinary artist and brings all mediums into her work from collage to arabic dance. The thing that I admire and find the most inspiring about her is that she manages to produce work that reflects her own personal life mixed with thorough research in the specific field she is working with. She is not only fuelled by intense emotion but the complexities and history of the arts, culture, people and the environment. Her ability to transform raw ideas into a concise vision is truly art in itself. She also goes out of her way to involve herself with different artists that are of various practices – and as an artist myself I can honestly say that I always feel lucky to work with Katie and more so to have her as a loyal friend in my life.

  13. Marianna Psara
    04 September 11, 5:51pm

    A wonderful website Katie with beautiful and inspiring work!

    Katie was brilliant to work with and is extremely friendly with a great imagination. She is always open to discussing different concepts and ideas and brings them to life with an artistic angle of approach.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of it and may your life be filled with happiness and success!

  14. Katie Atkinson
    02 September 11, 7:17pm

    What a beautiful website you have Katie, it’s very evocative of your personality and I will definitely be checking back regularly to keep up to date with your work!

  15. Philip Blezard
    31 August 11, 6:03pm

    Having worked closely with Katie for over two years Katie always had a lot a creative ideas and drive, but as her confidence and technical abillity has improved she is now able to put those ideas on to canvas or video. She is a delight to spend time with and a loyal friend.

  16. Adel Barron
    31 August 11, 2:51pm

    Hi Katie,
    I just wanted to say a big thank you for introducing me to your beautifully creative world! Your words were inspirational and ones I shall not forget! I am just so very grateful for your insight, kindness and empathy. Your website showcasing your work is just wonderful and I shall cascade your details onto friends and family. I wish you every happiness and success in your life, you are truly a good person and deserve only the very best. Thanks again, Adel!

  17. 07 June 11, 7:51pm

    Outstanding website Katie, loved the layout and feel of the whole thing – very “you!”
    bookmarked so I can keep up to date with your work.

    All the very best
    Mark x 🙂

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